What is a Good GATE Score and How to Achieve it ?

What is a Good GATE Score and How to Achieve it

What is a Good GATE Score and How to Achieve it ?

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is the national level entrance examination held every year in the month of February for admissions into IITs, NITs and other best Technical institutes. GATE 2019 is also a pathway for recruitment into PSUs & State Government Jobs.

Many Students used to ask this question that What should be the Good GATE score So for that I am writing this blog which will help you to know your required GATE score.

The term “Good GATE Score” will vary according to the student’s goal like if they are preparing for PSUs & Other Government Jobs through GATE then they required different GATE score compared to admission in IITs & NITs. Since What Should be the exact GATE score for PSUs that No one can tell because it will depend on the Categories of PSUs ( Maharatna ,Navratna & Miniratna ) , Number of Vacancies and also the Categories of Students ( GEN,OBC,SC,ST&PH) So let us discuss these in details…

Generally GATE Score depends on many parameters like Previous GATE Score , cut off marks(level of the Paper ) for various streams & The toppers marks in each streams.GATE-score-code

So Students can’t have a lucid idea that what will be the approx. GATE Score that will required for PSUs But on the basis of previous recruitment I can tell you that in General If you are in top 500 rank (GEN) then you may get a call from various PSUs and for Mechanical department if your rank is within 1000 (GEN) then you may have a great chance to get a call as well as to get through in that PSU. For other Categories students can add 300 to 500 ranks for getting a call from PSUs.

Categories of PSUs

Generally there are three Categories of PSUs

  1. Maharatna : The No of Vacancies and the Packages are high in these PSUs. They used to call the students in 4:1 proportions if there is only Interview and 6:1 – 8:1 if there is GD/GT followed by Interview.
  2. The lists of these PSUs are as follows.

  1. Navaratna : The No of Vacancies and the Packages are also high in these PSUs. They used to call the students in 4:1 proportions if there is only Interview and 6:1 – 8:1 if there is GD/GT followed by Interview.
  2. The lists of these PSUs are as follows.

  1. Miniratna:

    here the vacancies are less generally and packages are also less compared to Maharata & Navaratna.

  2. The rest PSUs will come under this Categories.

    • No of Vacancies :

If the vacancies are more then there may be possibilities that you may have a call from PSUs.

  • Categories of Students :

GEN students required more GATE score followed by OBC, SC, ST&PH candidates.
Generally there will be 50 to 80 GATE Score difference among all categories students . for an example If ONGC will call the students and the cut off for GEN is 800 then for OBC it will be 730, for SC it will be 660, for ST it may be 610 & at last for PH it may be 570 like that.

Admission in IITs/NITs:

Generally, the required GATE Score for admission in IITs & NITs are less compared to PSUs (Except IISc)

Here I tell you that for admission in IITs (especially older IITs) the cut off will be less as IITs conduct their separate Test or Interview or both So for that they required many students. Example for an intake of 80, IIT will call more than 1000 students because there will be many rounds and Students used to left or upgrade their seats among various specialisation or department or various IITs.

But if I will talk about the rank then I will say that if you are in top 1000 rank (more than 700 GATE Score) then your chance to get an older IITs are very high in core branches and if your rank is in top 2000 to 2500 (more than 600 GATE score) then you may get admission in older IITs (Interdisciplinary branch) or best NITs ( core branches). For mechanical students, you can add 50 in your GATE Score (as the level of Competition is very high).


If you want to achieve a good GATE Score then you should follow a best preparation strategy So for that I am going to tell you what should be your strategy/plan…….

Know the syllabus & weightage of every subject

At the early stage of your preparation for GATE, you should not only know the syllabus in depth, but also understand it. The reason being, you will need to take a decision regarding whether you need to go through an entire subject, or study selected topics from it. And to do that, you should know the weightage of each subject.

Select good books & study materials

With a plethora of study materials and books available for a single subject, the books and study materials you choose play an important role in your preparation. While making the selection, keep in mind that the basic criterion should be that the books and materials should help you in developing an understanding of basic concepts and practising answering questions.

This brings us to a common question that I have been asked many times by students: “Which reference books should I study for GATE?” In response, I always say, there is not one specific book.Let me explain what I mean.One of the subjects in Mechanical is ‘Thermodynamics’. The best reference book on that topic is Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach by Yunus A Cengel & Michael A Boles. It is about 1000 pages long, which means it will take an average student anywhere between three and four months to study the entire book! Undoubtedly, that will negatively affect preparation because you will need to complete approximately 12 subjects in total, covering all branches.

So, my suggestion would be: If you face problems after reading your notes and study materials, only then should you try a reference book; and that too for that specific topic only.

Prepare a study plan

To successfully complete the syllabus, you need to have a proper study plan, which, in turn, will depend on the time you have in hand. Start your preparation with your favourite subjects because the journey is a long one.

Follow the plan to complete the syllabus

Always start your preparation with two technical subjects. Ensure you study both on a daily basis. The order followed should be theory first, followed by examples (to understand the terminology related to that concept). Solving all GATE questions related to that topic from previous years’ papers will help develop a lucid understanding regarding the types of questions that are being asked in GATE.

Pursue the same order while planning your study for the rest of the syllabus.

Take mock tests regularly

GATE is an exam of reducing your errors. While eliminating errors completely in a pressure situation like GATE might not be possible, you can make sure the mistakes you commit are minimal. And for that, you need to take mock tests on a regular basis. It will not only help you tackle the exam-hall pressure better, but will also build your confidence.

Revise & practise in the last stage

Role of revision plays an important role for you to be among the top 1000 ranks. As the GATE syllabus is vast, keep revising. This means you should plan your schedule in such a way that you have 1 month allotted just for revision.

Always write down while revising. Practice questions too, if time permits. The revision will give you that extra confidence in memorizing concepts and formulae.

Practise previous years’ question papers

There is a common myth among GATE aspirants that questions are not repeated in the exam. In fact, at least 40% of the questions asked nowadays are similar to those asked in previous GATE papers, with the only change being in the numeric data. So, you should practice previous years’ question papers at least 5 to 8 times. This will help you develop clarity on the types of questions that might be asked, as well as on the weightage of the various subjects. Moreover, it will benefit you in revising subjects as per their weightage.

Since 2014, GATE is being conducted as a Computer-Based Test. So, solve the papers 2014 onwards, online. The reason being, the difficulty level varies between an offline paper and an online one.


So here we discussed a lot Now I will conclude this by few sentences that are

  1. To get a PSUs (Final selection for safer side) you rank should be in Top 500 .
  2. To get Admission in IITs your rank should be in Top 1000 (for core branches )
  3. For Achieving your Target You should have a best plan/Strategies by which you can cover most of your syllabus in less time.
  4. Better if you choose a coaching (Not exactly typical classroom coaching but a class cum home Coaching) because you can join a course in a good coaching according to your available time like if you have more time then you can join a regular course varies from 1 year to 2 years and if you don’t have time then you can join GATE crash course where you can prepare in a better manner (You can finish your syllabus in 50 to 60 days only ) . So if you really wish to dream as well as pursue your Goal then you should join ICE GATE INSTITUTE. Because here you will have all the things that I mentioned above.

For any suggestions or queries please feel free to contact me on rainitziitr@gmail.com. / Whatsapp me on 8140745095 ( Nitesh Rai)

All the very best!