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12+ Full length and 8 All India Mock Test

12+ Subject Wise, 80+ Sectional Wise, 12+ Full length, 8 All India Mock Test

GATE Online Test Series for Civil, CS, IN, EC, EE, ME

Students often get carried away with the brand name and tempting discounts offered by various institutes. But in this process, they usually fail to recognize which GATE online mock test would be beneficial for their upcoming Gate exam and help them fetch that ultimate score.

Now as we are approaching towards GATE 2019 exams, it is the sole responsibility of the students to research which of the GATE 2019 test series would be better.

GATE online mock test should offer the following:

  • Pattern of Test series as per the actual GATE paper
  • Questions covering concepts and improving the student’s problem-solving techniques
  • Should be designed by expert faculties who have experience in this field
  • Detailed solution of every question with suitable examples
  • Detailed analysis of the question in which the student knows their weak and strong subject.

This is what you get at ICE GATE institute. The test series prepared by us is considered as the best platform by the students for practicing the concepts and problem-solving techniques. As our GATE online mock test is prepared by the expert faculties, it matches with the actual 2019-20 GATE exam with new questions and expected variation.

The difficulty a student faces in preparing for any exam is self-analysis. Every student according to him has prepared best but sometimes fail to achieve the desired score in the actual exam. We here at ICE simplify the process by helping a student find their strong and weak subjects and at the same time preparing themselves to face the real-life challenge.

The gate 2019 online Test series offered by ICE GATE institute provides a great platform for practicing the concepts and applying problem solving techniques. Students come to know their weak and strong points by appearing for this gate 2019 test series. The online test series for gate 2019 is prepared by our expert faculties and questions are based on the actual exam pattern with the expected variation and new questions.

Analysis of every question such as time taken to solve the particular question is provided after the submission of the test. Easy problem solving techniques and detailed answer is provided for every question.  It also includes All India ranking for every test.  Students get a confidence and get well prepared for the main GATE exam after appearing for this best test series for gate.

Evaluation is the key to innovation and innovation within inner self is key to success. The most difficult task that one needs to perform is to evaluate the chances of clearing the exam even before appearing for it. Every student according to him has prepared the best to his belief but yet may not even be close enough to achieving the desired scores. So in order to simplify this process and give students the chance of finding out their weak areas and flaws ICE GATE has introduced GATE ONLINE TEST SERIES to test your chance of clearing GATE EXAMINATION and preparing yourself mentally to face the real life challenges.

These TEST SERIES FOR GATE are prepared considering the actual GATE exam. ONLINE GATE EXAM PRACTICE TEST are made by highly qualified and expert team of members who while putting up the test have considered everything that is needed to meet the requirements of clearing GATE exams. These GATE ONLINE MOCK TEST are highly organised and cover all the scenarios that the real GATE exam does in order to allow individual assessment by the student and put in extra effort every time he appears for the test making the chances of scoring tremendously high.

1 ME 80 1600 10 350 12 780 8 520 110 3250
2 CE 123 2460 11 385 12 780 8 520 154 4145
3 IN 92 1840 11 385 12 780 8 520 123 3525
4 EC 84 1680 10 350 12 780 8 520 114 3330
5 EE 94 1880 12 420 12 780 8 520 126 3600
6 CS 79 1580 11 385 12 780 8 520 110 3265