Study Plan for GATE-2019

Study Plan for GATE

Study Plan for GATE-2019

To excel your preparation and get inspiration, creativity and endeavour for GATE 2019, I suggest you B4 technique (before exam technique). The B4 technique consists of the 4Bs of Books, Basic concepts, Boost up your confidence and Building up shortcuts. For a better understanding of this idea of B4 technique, I elaborate on each of the Bs in detail:

B1 – Competent BOOKS:

I suggest you to buy competent books and test series for your GATE preparation. For this, land your hands on the books dealing in the fundamental and basic concepts. Moreover, you can also consider a few books that will help you in mastering some important topics which are frequently asked in GATE examination.

So, you should be very careful in purchasing the books for your preparation of GATE. They must provide quality content for your preparative study.


B2 – Understanding of BASIC CONCEPT:

You need to grasp the basic concepts using questions like “what?”, “why?” and “how?” during your whole preparation. By this way, you can reach up to the foundation of each and every topic. Once you evaluate the basic concept of any topic, it will be easy for you to grasp the whole chapter and by this way, the whole subject.

Understanding of BASIC CONCEPT

B3 – BOOST UP Your Confidence:

After enriching your basic concepts, the next thing to excel the preparation is to recollect these concepts for a certain number of times. This activity will enhance your confidence to get the right answers for any of the questions of any of the concepts. For better grasping of the concepts, you should do a practice of more questions from several sources like practice booklets and test series. This practice will help you to gain and maintain the command over the whole topic. Therefore, boost up your confidence by practicing as more questions as you can do by a variety of methods.


 B4 – BUILDING UP Shortcuts:

Building up shortcuts through revision and practice of the chapters is the best technique to save your time during the exam. Use various methods to solve one example which will give you the shortcut for that example. For that, you can take help of your faculty or friends. Hence, I advise you to incorporate shortcuts into your methodology to solve your problems which will give you more time to solve the hard and lengthy calculations in problems.

Math Tricks

Most of the GATE Toppers Disclose a Secret For Their Success Is:

Instead of covering each and every topic of the GATE syllabus, put your efforts in strengthening your strong areas i.e. the topics in which you are already better. As a result, you will be perfect in some essential topics of the syllabus.

Preparing a whole syllabus will become more time and energy consuming for you and of course tedious. Hence, keep in your mind this methodology when preparing for GATE 2019.

A Month Before GATE 2019:

You are preparing since last one year, it’s time to be more careful in practice. Therefore, turn on the rigorous mode of preparation at least a month before the exam.

You should leave the enjoyment of long breaks and recesses as you did earlier. Also, it is not the time for picnics for refreshment with your companions. Your ideal companions must be of your books, pen and paper. Though, you can take breaks of smaller duration between your study.

This is the time to do the revision of all the learned concepts and practice problems sincerely, greater both in quality and quantity. Do not refer any unpracticed book now. Refer only your competent books in revision from which you have already done your preparation. So, if you have practiced well during the whole year, you will feel the peace of mind and of course very much confident for the exam.

Above two sentiments will become stronger as the day of examination arrives closer to you. Hence, it is an indication of good preparation for the exam, on your part.

Drink lots of water and eat healthy food for proper functioning of your brain and body. Keep a distance from the communication devices and apps, television etc. that can waste your time. Start your day with the simple prayer which will provide you inner strength, peace of mind and positive attitude for your preparative study. Take proper sleep of 8 hours.

In The Examination:

You must attempt easier question first, which will boost up your confidence level, release your stress and save your time. It will make you mentally well-prepared for tackling the tougher problems. This will lead you to the better management of the exam, on the whole.

Next issue is of negative marking if you have solved the numerical incorrectly or replied incorrectly in hurry. Hence, sound preparation and better time management are the factors that can minimize the above issue.

You must read carefully the question first and evaluate the difficulty level of the same. Therefore, you must attempt them according to the instructions given above. This activity will aware you for the changeability of the pattern of the exam.

Summing up finally, to deal with the problems, your plan should be dynamic and adaptable, according to the immediate changes, as and when they arise.

*All the best*

Meghna Shah

Meghana shah ( B.E. Civil) is working as Technical Content Developer at ICE GATE Institute, Ahmedabad. Travelling is her passion. She loves reading and writing and has her heart out to explore her horizons.