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Started by a bunch of academicians passed out of premier institutes
like IISc, IIT, and IIM, I.C.E Gate Institute is one of the best GATE coaching institutes in India. Focussed GATE aspirants become a part of I.C.E because of highly experienced faculty pool from IIT’s and IISc’s. We make sure students’ future is in the right hands and do not compromise with quality of training and education.
Company Overview

Benefits Of GATE Crash Course

What is GATE Live Crash Course?

GATE Live Crash Course is specially designed short-duration course to complete GATE syllabus in just 45 days. It will be conducted in the form of physical class at Ahmedabad center or can be accessed live from mobile, laptops, or Pcs at your home. This course is highly beneficial and cost-effective.

Why should I join live class instead of a classroom?

Last two months before GATE exam are very critical. Live Class model will not only help you in saving a lot of time but will also give you focused environment right at your home. (Enjoy coffee while studying!)

What is the duration of the GATE live classes?

Complete GATE syllabus will be covered in 45-50 days starting from 10th December with daily 6-7 hours lectures.

How will I get my doubts solved?

Don’t worry, you will get access to our chat-box where you can send queries and the faculty will solve all your doubts live. Even special doubt sessions will be conducted to solve all your queries.

Who should join a crash course?

It is most advantageous if you are a student of final year or doing a job in a company. But its also useful if you are a 3rd-year student as it will help you in revising the complete GATE syllabus in a timely manner to stay ahead of the competition.

Comprehensive GATE Crash Course

Final and pre-final year engineering students can enroll in this course to have a quick yet complete overview of the GATE course.

Starting from 10th and 15th DEC and available for ME,CS,EE ,EC,IT,IN,CH,CE
For More Information Contact 88 8848 4828

Our GATE Crash Course programme can be beneficial for both, 3rd as well as 4th year engineering students. The 4th-year students can get an opportunity for quick revision through this programme. The 3rd year students can get a quick overview of the course which will not only help them in their GATE preparation but also beneficial for their university examinations. Through this 40-50 days programme, students will learn from some of the most experienced GATE faculties in India and constantly reviewing their performance with the 1000+ online tests.

GATE Crash Course

You can enrol for classroom programmes in Ahmedabad or go for our live classes that can be accessed using a phone or laptop.

GATE Crash Course

Access classroom coaching at Ahmedabad

GATE Crash Course

Get access to live classes on mobile/laptop at your home

GATE Crash Course

Hurry up… Limited seats available

Why Choose Us?

You can learn the complete GATE course quickly by studying for 6-8 hours a day with expert faculties from various IITs and NITs.

Every Day Classes for 6/8 hours/day
Every day classes for 6-8 hours/day
We provide online courses designed by qualified and experienced faculties from IITs and NITs
Attend Classroom Coaching
Attend Classroom Coaching
Effective, well-designed, and engaging classroom coaching with best resources
Get Access to Live
Get Access To Live
Get complete support to prepare for GATE examination – offline or online
Register Gate Crash Course

Register to enroll for the GATE Crash Course

Register now for our GATE Crash Course using the form below and start your preparation for success in GATE.

Fees and Batches details

Find the fees, timings, days and other batch details in the following table.

Fees Batch Starts Time Day
Rs.15500 + GST 10th Dec 2018 10 AM To 4 PM Everyday

Batches Schedule

10th to 14th Dec. Daily Engineering Maths
15th to 19th Dec. Daily Thermo
20th & 21st Dec. Daily HT
22nd to 24th Dec. Daily IE
25th to 28th Dec. Daily MFG

Remaining schedule will be uploaded by end of the December

10th to 14th Dec. Daily ENGINEERING MATHS
15th to 17th Dec. Daily RCC
18th to 24th Dec. Daily FM (7 hrs)
22nd to 24th Dec. Daily GEOTECH
25th to 28th Dec. Daily WATER

Remaining schedule will be uploaded by end of the December

10th to 14th Dec. Daily ENGINEERING MATHS
15th to 18th Dec. Daily DBMS
19th to 22nd Dec. Daily CN
23rd to 28th Dec. Daily DSA

Remaining schedule will be uploaded by end of the December

10th to 14th Dec. Daily ENGINEERING MATHS
15th to 18th Dec. Daily FM
17th to 21st Dec. Daily CRE
22nd & 23rd Dec. Daily FM
24th to 26th Dec. Daily HT
27th & 28th Dec. Daily PDE

Remaining schedule will be uploaded by end of the December

10th to 14th Dec. Daily ENGINEERING MATHS
15th to 18th Dec. Daily CONTROL
19th to 22nd Dec. Daily SIGNAL
23rd to 24th Dec. Daily EDC
25th to 28th Dec. Daily ANALOG

Remaining schedule will be uploaded by end of the December

Who Should Attend ?

Our crash course for GATE is ideal as well as beneficial for a lot of different groups of students in the field of engineering.

7th Sem Students

7th sem students
7th Semester students have already studied all the course required for GATE in their universities. The crash course will help them with a quick revision.

5th Sem Students

5th sem students
5th sem students can revise whatever has been studied till date for the GATE exam while also having a gist of the topics to be covered thereafter.

Drop Out + Interested Students

Drop out + interested students
Dropouts or any other students interested in GATE can get an opportunity to quickly revise the complete syllabus of GATE.

Demo Videos

Arpit Sir

Sanket Sir

Imran Sir

Satya Sir

Students Enrolled

Till date, ICE GATE has successfully provided GATE online coaching to 50000+ students coming from many different engineering fields.

Students Enrolled within 5 years

Qualified Faculties

We provide the best education by working with 250+ of experts from IITs/IISc/IES with subject expertise and years of experience

Gautam Puri
Vice Chairman & Managing Director, CL Educate

He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and a post graduate diploma in management administration from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He has over 20 years of experience in the education sector. He is mentor and director of our parent company CL Educate.

Rohan Garg
Co-founder and CEO, ICE GATE Institute

He is alumunus of Nirma University and Indian Institute of Management Kolkata. Has 9+years of teaching experience having taught 100000+ students. He is a passionate reader and motivator. He is also visiting faculty in various institutes and has conducted several seminars.

Director and Business Partner, ICE GATE Institute Nagpur from NIT Nagpur. He has successfully trained thousands of students with excellent results. His penchant for training prompted him to start ICE GATE INSTITUTE in his hometown Nagpur. He has been training students for Aptitude for the past 10 years and has been a pioneer of numerous short-cut tricks and techniques.

Nitesh Rai
M.Tech – IIT Roorkee, Academics Head & Faculty

A hardcore scholar who has appeared in GATE 7 times, scoring 99 percentile 6 times and 70/70 in technical in 2017. He has a Facebook fan page and enjoys a fan base of 8500+ students. He is currently heading content team at ICE GATE head office.

Sanket Agrawal
M.Tech IIT Roorkee, Business Head & Faculty

He has published several National and International Research papers. He has excellent presentation skills. His areas of interest includes Reading books, spirituality and interacting with students. He is currently developing innovative methods of learning.

500+ Faculties


Qualified from IIT/IISc

from IIT/IISc

400+ Batches taught

Batches taught

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