How to score maximum marks in THERMAL for GATE Examinations?

Aug 26, 2018

How to score maximum marks in THERMAL for GATE Examinations?

Here, THERMAL= Basics of Thermodynamics+ Power Engineering + Refrigeration & Air conditioning + I.C .Engine

Every time in GATE examinations we get 12 to 15 mark (or more than that also) questions from Thermal. So I am listing the important topics of Thermal

Basics of Thermodynamics-

  • Thermodynamic work calculation of various Non-flow process.( Isothermal , adiabatic &   polytrophic )
  • Free expansion concept.
  • Clausius inequality & Carnot efficiency based problems.
  • Entropy change calculations of an ideal gas through various process.
  • Available energy calculations & Increase in unavailability or decrease in availability.
  • Joule Thompson Co-efficient & Clausius clapeyron equation concept.

Power Engineering –

  • Brayton & Rankine cycle based problems (including compressor & turbine efficiency)

Refrigeration & Air conditioning-

  • Simple COP & Efficiency based problems (2nd law of thermodynamics for cycle based)
  • Vapour Compression Refrigeration System (VCRS) problems (mainly COP & Compressor work calculation)
  • Specific humidity & Relative humidity formula based problems.

I.C. Engines-

  • Otto cycle & Diesel cycle efficiency calculation (Including calorific value, mean effective pressure problems)
  • Comparison among Otto, Diesel & Dual cycle (for same compression ratio & maximum temperature





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