How To Prepare In Last 10 Days To Score High In Gate?


How To Prepare In Last 10 Days To Score High In Gate?

Dear GATE Aspirants
As you know GATE is toughest exam in Technical Domain. In this Examination you have to prepare almost all the subjects that you study in your Engineering Course.

Recalling of all the formulas and concept at the time of Examination is very-very tough task, actually you study so many things during your preparation but many of the students do not recall all the things that they have studied during their preparations and this happens with almost all of the students.

So Today I am going to tell you what should be your ideal plan in last 10 days such that you can recall maximum out of you possess.

Last 10 Days:
Guys last 10 days means STOP your preparation (Concept building, Problem solving & test series writings)

In last 10 days you only have to Revise, Revise & Revise.

How to revise effectively:
Guys in every department almost there will be 10 subjects on an average including Engineering Maths & Aptitude.

So if you are appearing for GATE 2019 Then in last 10 days( I mean if your paper is on 2nd Feb. 2019 then from 23rd Jan to 1st Feb 2019 ) you have to plan your Schedule .

How to plan Your Schedule:

Planning GATE Exam Preparation Schedule

Categorise your all the subjects in 3 areas.

1st area: Subjects which are having weightage more than 10 marks (3 to 4 subjects including Egg maths & Aptitude)

2nd area: Subjects which are having weightage 5 to 10 marks. (4 to 5 subjects)

3rd area: Subjects which are having weightage less than 5 marks. (2 to 3 subjects)

Now after dividing all the subjects in 3 areas you write the no of revisions like the subjects which are in
1st area that you have to revise minimum 3 times , Subjects in 2nd area by 2 times and subjects in 3rd zone you have to revise by single time.

For better understandings I am taking an example of Mechanical Engineering.

1st Area: Engineering Maths, Aptitude, Thermal (including RAC, IC Engine & power cycles), Manufacturing Science (including Material Science).

2nd area: Fluid Mechanics (FM including Machinery parts), Strength of Materials (SOM), Theory of Machines (TOM),

3rd area: Heat transfer (HT), Industrial Engineering (IE), Machine Design (MD) & Engineering Mechanics (EM)

Days Plan
Day 1 Engineering Maths (Maths ) Concepts ,Formulas along with solved examples
Day 2 Thermal
Day 3 EM (Engineering Mechanics) & SOM
Day 4 TOM & MD
Day 5 FM & HT
Day 6 Manufacturing (mainly numerical parts) & Industrial
Day 7 Aptitude (Imp formulas of quantitative Aptitude related to previous year GATE Questions), Maths, Thermal, HT
Day 8 IE , Other subjects if any left
Day 9 Maths, Aptitude, Thermal, SOM
Day 10 Manufacturing, FM ,TOM

1st Revision : Class Notes & Short Notes

2nd Revision : Only short Notes

3rd Revision : Short Notes

How to execute:

Execute Gate Exam Study Plan

Friends after making this plan Now it’s time for execute our plan So Now we are going to discuss with you that how to execute and this is the main part where we have to utilize whole energy, I mean to say that you can say this is very-very important plan if this will execute well then everything will go as you plan or thought. So let’s start.

First things is that when you will wake up at that time only just make full day plan because as you have made your 10 to 12 days plan but you know an engineer’s mentality like the biggest problem with engineering graduates is they increase their efficiency exponentially means they believe in last night fight approach ( usually they do in their university exams ) and if you will have only 10 to 12 days plan then you will see that you will have too much bourdon at last So to avoid all those possibilities’ it is better to make full day plan just at the morning when you awake. While making full day plan you have to keep few things in your mind like always do the revision of similar subjects for example I want to study Engineering Mechanics, Strength of materials & Machine design then you should plan Engineering Mechanics first followed by Strength of Materials and Machine design because these three subjects are interrelated if you will follow this pattern then definitely you will save your time In revision . and in addition to that also think like the subject in which you have to memorize many things that should be in morning session just after awaking from your sleep and the subjects which are having more concepts that should be plan/execute in evening session.

And after finishing the day one plan if you have something which you feel that you can forget quickly just revise those things after awaking from your sleep in 2nd day (before 2nd day plan making ) and these should be go on up to the finishing of your plan ( 10 to 12 days plan ) and believe me guys you will follow this plan then definitely you will have a very positive mind-set just before the examination that will help you in decreasing your errors.

And after each day plan completion you have to take a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hrs if you want to absorb all the things that have studied in your whole day.

Always remember guys only GATE is not your life , you will have many chances in your life so Don’t take stress just believe in yourself and do your hard work you will definitely get your hard work reward So Always have faith in Almighty and do you work.

If you feel any problem related to this then you can ask me your queries at or 8140745095.