How to Prepare for GATE Exam

How to Prepare for GATE Exam

How to Prepare for GATE Exam

A must refer guide to cracking GATE
Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an online examination held at national level organized by IITs and IIS. Your GATE score will be considered as a benchmark of your understanding in the subject of engineering/ Architecture/Science and Technology.

What Is Benefits Of Gate Exam Passing

The benefits

  • Entrance into Public sector units
  • Entrance into prestigious colleges for post-graduation
  • Entrance into Research/PHd field
  • Entrance into NITIE, Mumbai for management
  • Fellowship program in IIM’s

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Gate Exam

  • Should possess a bachelor’s degree in Final year of Engineering/Architecture/Technology.
  • Or Master’s degree in the field of Science/Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science or likewise.
  • No minimum or maximum age limit criteria.
  • Pre-final students are not eligible.
  • Should be an Indian national.
  • GATE 2022 has opened its doors to International borders for Indian nationals residing in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates. But they should possess a bachelor or master’s degree in the relevant subject. If they are appearing for the final year of their degree course, they are also eligible.

Gate exam syllabus
The schedule : This year, the engineering exam is scheduled for February 1, 2, 8 and 9 in two sessions by IIT Delhi in CBT mode.

What Is The Paper Pattern Of Gate

GATE is an online exam which consist a total of 65 questions covering 100 marks to be completed within 3 hours.
The paper consists of –

  • Multiple choice questions with negative marking
  • Numerical Answer type questions without negative marking

The preparation time

Ideally for a beginner, 6-8 months should be enough but it varies from person to person.

How many hours should one study to clear GATE exam in first attempt?

It depends on the person’s grasping power but ideally at least for 3-4 hours a day should be enough.

Gate Preparation Online

Is coaching mandatory?

GATE is an important step towards one’s career and it would be very beneficial if one clears it with high scores. So, if you are not confident to be able to study by yourself, then don’t take a chance. Just join one of the best coaching classes that will guide you with their expertise and experience, making you more confident. And if you are confident about cracking it all by yourself, just be cautious about which GATE preparation book to rely upon.

GATE Preparation

how to chose best book for gate preparation

How will the coaching institute help you?

  • Provide you with Gate coaching books from the experts
  • Faculties are mostly from the IIT’s
  • Suggest you the best reference books for Gate preparation
  • Some institutes also provide online lectures which saves your time
  • Provides chapter wise tests, test series and mock tests
  • Solves doubts
  • Personal attention
  • Post GATE guidance
  • Interactions with seniors or IIT alumnus

What type of things be done for GATE preparation?

One does get confused as to which book to study from when there are many options open in the market. But the correct reference book can help you crack the exam in the first go. This is a big decision to make as it lays the foundation of your concepts and career.

The below points must be considered while selecting the book to study from:

  • Consult a senior to guide you. But it depends from person to person which GATE books suits them and which not.
  • It should be easy to understand. Technical study in technical language will leave you baffled.
  • Conceptual clarity is a MUST.
  • Should be capable to clear all your doubts.
  • Should be factually correct. Your GATE preparation books should have full coverage in detail but to the point with accurate formulae and description.
  • No grammatical errors.
  • Usage of illustrations and diagrams would be an icing on the cake.

Gate Preparation 2020

Crack GATE 2020

For example a GATE Electrical Engineering books should cover :

  • Concise explanation of each concept
  • MCQ’s
  • Test series
  • Practice questions with solutions
  • Previous year solved papers
  • Mock papers

Gate Online Test Series

How can online lectures help?

Online coaching becomes convenient as one can start learning anywhere in the world if he has a mobile/laptop/tab/computer and an internet connection. Online coaching offers the below facilities :

  • Access anytime and anywhere
  • Reasonable cost
  • Saves time
  • Can go through the recorded videos infinite number of times
  • One on one mentor
  • Special doubt solving interactive sessions
  • The video lectures are created by experts from IIT’s
  • Saves your energy and thereby increases your productivity
  • Interactive sessions from seniors from IIT alumnus

Gate question paper with solution
Can GATE be prepared without coaching?
Yes, if you are confident about the concepts and good at Mathematics, you can definitely prepare for GATE exam by self study.

Some tips for self study

  • Select the date that you want to give the exam on
  • Have a thorough understanding of the syllabus of the subject that you have chosen
  • Go through the previous year papers and understand the paper pattern, marking system and the most frequently asked topics
  • Make a time table of what to study and how much to study in the given day
  • Study at least 3 hours a day and keep separate time for revision
  • Study from text book and one reference GATE preparation book
  • Make running notes and focus on grasping the concepts
  • Mug the formulae
  • Resolve your doubts as early as possible
  • Solve tricky questions
  • Solve practice questions and mock papers
  • Refer online videos available
  • Consult a senior or experienced person
  • Focus on scoring subjects
  • Keep yourself inspired. Don’t panic
  • Re-check your answers to avoid silly mistakes

Tips on last minute preparation

  • Keep your revision notes handy
  • Keep practicing the mock papers
  • Work on your weak points
  • Don’t start any new topic
  • Keep yourself calm and confident
  • Revise the concepts and formulae
  • Keep the admit card and your Id proof ready
  • Get an idea where the exam center is
  • Eat and sleep well before the D-Day

What to do when GATE paper is in hands?

  • Don’t panic and take a deep breath
  • Go through the full paper quickly
  • Be confident
  • Start solving
  • Keep in the mind about the negative marking
  • Re-check the answers to avoid silly mistakes
  • Don’t waste much time on questions you don’t get through
  • Solve what you know first
  • Don’t guess
  • Believe in yourself and you will get through!

How to choose best coaching option for GATE coaching?

Sure this remains a mystery as a lot of classes now promise to offer the best quality of preparation for GATE exam. But don’t make a mistake trusting them blindly else it may cost you a precious year of your life. Instead research a bit on the below criteria’s and then select the best.

  • Reputation and experience : Consult seniors about their experience with that particular coaching institute. Go for the one which is credible and has a brand name in the market.
  • Success rate : A brand name is just not enough, also the results of that institute should matter. How many students do clear the GATE exam from that institute is the best criteria for selection.
  • Best faculties and their attitude : The guidance and attitude of the faculty matters when it comes to relying on them. If the student is not able to follow the faculty or is not comfortable with his way of teaching, then one should definitely not opt for that institute. For that, take a demo lecture of that institute.
  • Option for online lectures : Many institutes have started to provide live online lectures and recorded video lectures which are very comfortable for the students as they can learn at their own pace and place.
  • Doubt solving ability : A teacher should be capable of answering all the questions of the student till he is satisfied. One should be able to freely approach the teachers for any small doubt they face.
  • Fees : Of course, finances do matter. Choose a place where you get satisfied by the faculties and try and match it with the fees. Many online institutes are reasonable and offering discounts.
  • One to one attention : A lot in a batch can get things messy. The batch should have lesser number of students for the teacher to focus on each and everyone.
  • Things to take home from this discussion : Since a lakhs of students appear for GATE every year and this year it might reach to 10 lakh, don’t miss the chance to be one of the toppers by a lethargic attitude. If you have chosen to appear for GATE, then give in your best without fear and distraction. Hard work with smart strategies will definitely pay off. Choose the best coaching institute, the best GATE preparation books and chart a plan right away for the big step in your career.