How to prepare for Control System in Gate (IN/EC/EE)?

How to prepare for Control System in Gate

How to prepare for Control System in Gate (IN/EC/EE)?

Control system is Highly Scoring and Important subject for Gate IN, EC and EE students. Each year Around 9 to 12 marks of question are asked from this single subject from that it’s easy to score around 8 to 10 Marks.

Control system generally deal with how you make a system to be stable and more robust so it gives an acceptable result in the real world.

If I talk about what are the important areas where usually question are asked in GATE then they are:

  • Basic Control system and Mathematical modeling (2 to 4 Marks)
  • Feedback Control System (1 to 3 Marks)
  • Time Response Analysis (1 to 3 Marks)
  • The concept of Stability (1 to 3 Marks)
  • Root Locus Techniques (1 to 3 Marks)
  • Frequency Response Analysis (1 to 3 Marks)
  • Design of Control System (1 to 2 Marks)
  • State Variable Analysis (2 to 4 Marks)

Important Topics in Control System are:

  • Transfer Function
  • Block Diagram Reduction
  • Signal Flow Graph
  • Signal Response (Step signal, Ramp Signal)
  • Root Locus
  • RH Criteria
  • Nyquist Stability
  • Polar Plot
  • State Space Analysis
  • Compensator and Controller

Important Topics for Process Control are:

  • P
  • PI
  • PD
  • PID Controller
  • Stepper Motor
  • Control Valve

This Above Marks Weightage is for GATE (EE/EC/IN)

Gate Instrumentation is also included; it is one More Subject Related to Control System that is Process Control. Each year very less number of question are asked from GATE around 1 to 2 marks. But this Subject process Control Important if you give BARC Exam. It asked around 30 to 40 Question (100 to 120 Marks) from Process Control.