Online GATE Video Lectures & Test Series for CSE

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Online GATE Video Lectures & Test Series for CSE


(Video Lectures+Test Series+Practice Books)

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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic: It takes sweat, determination and hard work”. Many students during their engineering dream about top rank in gate. Gate exam is easy to crack if you know the proper techniques. The gate preparation online lectures by ICE gate are prepared by top faculties who are from IIT’s and they deliver the lecture with proper basics and techniques required for cracking gate. These are recorded lectures and the students can view it any number of times.

Gate 2018 online test series by ICE consists of chapter wise, subject wise, full length test and mock test designed as per the GATE standards. These tests contain detailed explanation of each question with complete analysis. The student while appearing for this online test for gate exam gets an idea of time management.

ICE GATE has introduced even more interactive way of studying for GATE online by introducing ONLINE PREPARATION FOR GATE. It is a means through which students are taught through advanced mode of digital learning. These lectures had been prepared keeping in mind the recommended study material by the GATE faculty. The lecture covers video and presentation on projector covering important points and answering all the queries made by the candidates. These online modes of education introduced by ICE GATE had made GATE PREPARATION ONLINE a smart task that save your time and money all at one time.

Not only had this, to keep the learning more interactive and to allow evaluation ONLINE GATE TEST SERIES also been introduced by ICE GATE that allows every student studying through these online lectures assess their learning capacity and by adopting for these ONLINE TEST FOR GATE PREPARATION students can also judge the real-life situations and prepare themselves completely for GATE and target their dream colleges. These test series helps the students to learn time management and working under pressure so that there is no scope for the student not clearing GATE exams. These series are complete set of learning and experience.

Lectures+Test Series for Computer Science Engineering

Thousands of students from all over India appear for GATE every year, and only a handful of them manage to crack it. If we wish to be among those lucky ones, then we are your one-stop solution. Today, we are considered to be the best coaching institute for GATE in India. If you are looking for GATE coaching for computer science, then get in touch with us. We have some of the best faculty members who would prepare you for the exam in every possible respect.

Our Services

We have designed our classes in such a manner which prepares you thoroughly for the examination. We offer different types of mock tests, besides you can get hold of the best lectures from some of the finest faculties from IIT. We also arrange for all India mock tests which would give you a taste of what you are preparing for. If you are looking for post GATE guidance, then we have some of the best options available to you. We have designed GATE online mock test for CSE, which would ensure that you are at the top of your preparation and ready to crack the most difficult competitive exam in India.

Gate Lectures(Online or Pendrive)

More than 250 video lectures recorded by top IIT & NIT qualified and experienced GATE Faculties.

Sectional Test

Chapter wise test, 90 + tests with detailed solution & analysis.

Subject wise Test

Subject wise test, 12 to 14 test with detailed solution & analysis.

Full Length Test

12 full syllabus Test set as per previous GATE patterns.

All India Mock Test

8 National Level tough online tests, as per latest GATE pattern.3 Test would be Invigilated & 5 Test Would be Non-Invigilated.

Post GATE Guidance

Guidance on where & how to make the best use of GATE Score for Admissions and job.

GD/PI sessions

GD /PI sessions by our expert team after GATE Exam.
  • VIDEO LECTURES(Online/Pendrive) of each and every subject of more than 250 hours recorded and delivered by experienced GATE faculties.
  • Designed for Students who want to do their preparation sitting at home. our online videos cover complete Syllabus with special focus on fundamentals, shortcut tricks and easier method to solve GATE questions.
  • These videos can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.
  • All India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution -equivalent to gate pattern available in Invigilated Test Series.
  • 3 Test would be invigilated – CLASSROOM TEST SERIES (would be held at respective centres with supervision)
  • 5 Test would be non- invigilated ( would be given from home)
  • online practice test – equivalent to gate pattern. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.
  • Test of each subject depending upon the stream. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.

Chapter wise test depending upon the stream. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.

  • The post GATE guidance is quite complicated and without proper guidance, it would become difficult for a student to choose the correct program.
  • Post GATE Guidance helps the student to make the best use of his GATE score for admissions.
  • There would be GD/PI sessions also – Online as well as offline.

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