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All you need to know about GATE Books

For any recipe to succeed, the ingredients should be in perfect quantity and quality. Similarly when you start preparing for your GATE, your study material i.e., GATE preparation book becomes the main ingredient for your success. Since many books are available in the market, it is rather difficult to choose the best GATE book to study from.

If one chooses a poor quality book just by getting attracted to its marketing technique, he is bound to get his fundamentals wrong or incomplete. Imagine where would you land in your career if your fundamental concepts are weak?!

Do not worry! This article is for all those who are unclear about which reference book to study for and lists down the best books for GATE preparation.

Remember the following tips before you invest in the books

  • Simple and easy to understand. The best books for GATE are those which are able to explain the technical topics in the simplest form possible for an average student to grasp.
  • Consult your mentors and seniors who are experienced enough to guide you correctly.
  • The GATE preparation books should provide conceptual clarity.
  • Should be capable to clear all your doubts and factually correct.
  • There should be no grammatical errors as sometimes they change the meaning of the sentence making it difficult to understand.
  • Should incorporate all the recent techniques and concepts.
  • The GATE books should use illustrations and images to explain the topics.
  • A section of quiz, tricky questions to solve with solutions.
  • Points to remember section which highlights the important points to be revised during the last minute of exam like definitions, formulae, etc.
  • Should consist of test series and mock test papers.
  • Should also cover previous year’s GATE paper on that subject.

For example a GATE Mechanical Engineering books should cover-

  • Concise explanation of each concept with conceptual clarity
  • MCQ’s/ Quiz
  • Test series
  • Practice questions with solutions
  • Previous year solved papers
  • Mock papers

Important Books Suggestions for GATE 2020 Preparation

Best Book For GATE Preparation

Gate Preparation Books For Computer Science

IT sector is the most demanding sector for want of software engineers and therefore if you are able to crack GATE, you can be rest assured for a job.

The following books are recommended for computer science

Books/Topics Authors
Operating system Galvin/Silberschatz
Algorithms Cormen/ Clifford Stein
Theory of computation Ullman/Peter Linz
The C programming language Dennis Ritchie/Brian W.Kernighan
Database systems Korth/Elmasri & Navathe
Computer networks Tanenbaum/Keith W Ross
Digital Logic M. Morris Mano
Computer organization and architecture Vranesic, Morris Mano
Compiler logic Ravi Sethi/Ullman/Alfred Aho
Mathematics Kenneth Rosen/B.S. Grewal

GATE Books For Electrical Engineering


Books/Topics Authors
Power systems Nagrath & Kothari/Badri Ram/Wadhwa
Electrical machines P.S. Bhimbhra
Control systems M Gopal/Nagrath
Electrical Networks/Circuits theory Chakravarthy
Network Analysis Val Valken Burg
Signals and systems Allan V. Oppenheim/Nawab Hamid
Engineering Electromagnetic W H Hayt/J A Buck
Measurements and Instrumentation A.K. Sawhney
Power Electronics UA Bakshi
Solution of Network Analysis GK Publications
Electrical circuits Charles K. Alexander


Books/Topics Authors
Structural Engineering CS Reddy/SK Duggal/BC Punmia/Ashok Jain/Arun Jain
Engineering Mathematics BS Grewal/SS Sastry/Erwin Kreyszig/ RS Aggarwal
Soil mechanics and engineering SK Duggal/ Braja M Das/Gopal Ranjan
Fluid Mechanics Dr PN Modi/ RK Bansal
Engineering hydrology K Subramanya
Survey BC Punmia/Ashok Jain/Arun Jain

GATE Books For Mechanical Engineering

Books/Topics Authors
Heat transfer PK Nag/RC Sachdeva
Engineering Thermodynamics Cengel and Boles
Manufacturing RK Jain
Strength of Materials SS Rattan/BC Punmia
Fluid Mechanics RK Bansal/ SK Som
Theory of Machines RS Khurmi/SS Rattan
Manufacturing RK Jain
Thermal Science PK Nag
Industrial Engineering OP Khanna
Production Engineering Amitabh Ghosh
Engineering Mathematics BS Grewal
Design of Machine V Bhandari
Mechanical Vibration GK Grover

GATE Books For Chemical Engineering

Books/Topics Authors
Chemical Process Design Costin
Chemical reaction engineering Octave Levenspiel/Robert J Davis/Scott
Chemical engineering Thermodynamics KV Narayan/JM Smith
Chemical process calculations K Asokan/DC Sikdar
Fluid mechanics DS Kumar/Vijay/Santosh/Dr RK Bansal
Heat and Mass transfer Robert.E.Treybal/GK Roy
Instrumentation and Process Control William C Dunn/DR Coughanowr/SK Singh/
Mathematics BS Grewal

GATE 2020 Preparation Books

Moreover, some sites also offer GATE 2019 online books for free. Anyone can visit the site and be able to access the books on that site. The site provides E-books, Notes, Previous year’s papers, etc.

Some tips on how to study for GATE

  • Study from text books and select one standard reference book.
  • Make running notes while you study.
  • At times video lectures turn out to be better to understand than the books. Go through such video lectures that simplify technical topics.
  • Divide time equally on different subjects.
  • Get your doubts clear immediately and do not pile them up for later.
  • Solve tests after reading each chapter.
  • Solve MCQ’s, quiz, tricky questions based on concepts.
  • Solve previous ten years GATE papers and give mock tests.

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