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Buy Online GATE Books for Civil Engineering


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While preparing for GATE you need to be excellent at your theory and concepts in order to practice the tricky questions that come in GATE exam. Our gate books are compiled by our top GATE faculties who have years of experience which every student should refer in order to have a good understanding of the subjects.

These books are designed in such a way so that it serves as one stop solution for a GATE student. The contents in the book consist of concept based theories, examples supplemented by self-explanatory illustrations, exercises supplemented by hints, key points to remember, multiple choice questions, special problems so that a student can learn this basic subject in the shortest possible time.

The book covers all the syllabus in Civil Engineering Book Set of all the universities, IITs, NITs, deemed universities. Students appearing for competitive exams like GATE, PSUs will find the book as an asset to them. The book will greatly help the students who could not grasp the subject in the class room. Any suggestion for the improvement in the text of the book will be thankfully acknowledged.

In situation you will find out yourself stuck on the same question for more than A few minutes, proceed regardless how near you think you are to the reaction. It is incredibly important that you perform on your own efficient time management. As it is the single factor that can get you extra here we are at adjustment and issues whose alternatives you are near. Handling your program is not straightforward, but is not challenging too. Identify anxiety symptoms and management them quickly.

Have attention of the course, weight loss programs and rest the day before the evaluation, being hydrated in the evaluation place, and not looking at this notice every second. These are some of particularly that can give you near to the purpose of splitting the GATE evaluation and getting entry in India’s top most technology colleges. In the end, it all comes down to how well you manage and management the ideas, so that it helps you as needed. It is not a day’s procedure, keep-practicing everyday continually to get the greatest outcomes.

If you are preparing for the upcoming GATE exams them you must be outstanding on both the theory as practical part of each and every subject. This is for the reason that GATE exam questions are not going to be easy; they will be well enough to scare you. So, in order to pass out these exams with glorifying colors, one needs to understand the questions, tricks and also the most scoring part of the subject as well.  Do not worry! Onlinicegate has solved all your queries and concerns with books required for GATE preparation. So stop your hunt, now and start your preparation from now itself as the days are coming closer. If you are thinking about why you should go through these books and will they be capable to help you pass the GATE? We have all the reasons for you to trust Onlineicegate –

The books are designed by the elite teaching faculty after complete research and development.

  • Covers entire syllabus of Civil Engineering
  • Concept-based theories
  • Self-explanatory notes
  • Mock and test series
  • Practice test
  • Special problems and their solutions with hints
  • Keys things to remember

We acknowledge the fact that there are a number of good books for GATE preparation out in the market, but our books are no way behind. Aspirants will get all the stuff be it theory or practical on one shelf. The practice test is prepared after keeping in mind the current changes of GATE exams so the student can learn time management and can analyze their overall preparation as well. Civil engineering books for GATE 2019 will definitely help you to pass the evaluation in no time. The students will also get these books delivered to their home within 3to5 days. We also send pen drives as well which contains recorded lecturer by our faculty.


  1. General Aptitude
  2. Engineering Maths
  3. Engineering Mechanics
  4. Fluid Mechanics
  5. Strength Of Material
  6. Surveying
  7. Irrigation
  8. Structure
  9. R.C.C.
  10. Transport
  11. Environment
  13. WATER
  14. CPM
  15. STEEL

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