GATE Advance Correspondence Course for EE

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GATE Advance Correspondence Course for EE

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Correspondence courses for GATE electrical engineering: The Synopsis

One of the major branches that we provide the correspondence advance course coaching for the electrical branch for GATE examinations. We have all the resources from books to faculty to help each student to prepare for that big day of their life i.e. the GATE 2019-2020. Most of the students in India today, assume that the GATE is a very difficult exam to crack, but we deem to think otherwise. With the best in class FACULTY and all our resources: books, study materials and also our online lectures covering the entire GATE electrical syllabus, we think that it is not that hard that most of today’s students think.

Neither do we think that it is also very easy, hence we have come up with the online electrical engineering tests where students can assess themselves on whatever topic they feel necessary. Self-Evaluation plays one of the major key roles in building one’s success ladder is what we believe. Once you know what topics you are strong in, you can always plan to split your time in a way that you can allow yourself to spend more of your efforts on your weak areas. Hence, these online test series would help all the students to achieve this.

What we are offering:

Moreover, these TEST SERIES are prepared keeping in mind a few major points. First is keeping in mind the GATE syllabus for electrical engineering for the year 2019, and also the pattern of the exam. Thus students can always have a mindset and can always know what to expect in the exam. Thus once you go through the GATE 2019 electrical book, complete all the online electrical engineering syllabus, go through all the gate EEE study material for 2019 and also attend all the required online lectures we believe that you would be able to build the confidence to face the exam, and not only just facing it but also to clear it with flying colour.

Gate Lectures(Online or Pendrive)

More than 250 video lectures recorded by top IIT & NIT qualified and experienced GATE Faculties.


12-14 Well structured study material(Hardcopy) with complete theory part, numerical part, solved GATE question papers and solved assignment questions.

Sectional Test

Chapter wise test, 90 + tests with detailed solution & analysis.

Subject wise Test

Subject wise test, 12 to 14 test with detailed solution & analysis.

Full Length Test

12 full syllabus Test set as per previous GATE patterns.

All India Mock Test

8 National Level tough online tests, as per latest GATE pattern.3 Test would be Invigilated & 5 Test Would be Non-Invigilated.

Post GATE Guidance

Guidance on where & how to make the best use of GATE Score for Admissions and job.

GD/PI sessions

GD /PI sessions by our expert team after GATE Exam.
  • GATE VIDEOS (Online or Pendrive) of each and every subject of more than 250 hours recorded and delivered by experienced GATE faculties.
  • Designed for Students who want to do their preparation sitting at home. our online videos cover complete Syllabus with special focus on fundamentals, shortcut tricks and easier method to solve GATE questions.
  • These videos can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.
  • 12-14 Well structured study material prepared by our top GATE faculties.
  • Consists of assignment and GATE questions with complete solution.
  • These books are designed in such a way so that it serves as one stop solution for a GATE student.
  • All India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution -equivalent to gate pattern available in Invigilated Test Series.
  • 3 Test would be invigilated – CLASSROOM TEST SERIES (would be held at respective centres with supervision)
  • 5 Test would be non- invigilated ( would be given from home)
  • online practice test – equivalent to gate pattern. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.
  • Test of each subject depending upon the stream. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.

Chapter wise test depending upon the stream. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.

  • The post GATE guidance is quite complicated and without proper guidance, it would become difficult for a student to choose the correct program.
  • Post GATE Guidance helps the student to make the best use of his GATE score for admissions.
  • There would be GD/PI sessions also – Online as well as offline.

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