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Online GATE Electronics Engineering Books




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Every student who is targeting GATE for getting into the best of colleges of the nation in order to pursue their higher education needs to have complete guidance that assures them absolute results. So in order to meet the requirement of the students and make preparing for GATE an easy task this course had been introduced by ICE GATE. This course provides the students with the books, test series and other GD/PI sessions by the jury of highly trained and experienced faculty who had done their education from IITs and IISc.

ICE GATE INSTITUTE gives complete help to the students for preparing for GATE exams within limited span of time. To keep the sessions interactive and full of learning and experiences the online classes have taken an effort to organize mock test and seminars, keeping in mind importance of learning skill that every student possess. This allows the students to be highly attentive and observant. These classes use e-learning, graphical illustrations, PPT presentations and animated clips of experiments in order to make learning exciting and more interactive. This online education is an aid for all the students who are preparing for GATE with their jobs ongoing. It is a complete solution for all kind of problems for the people planning GATE.

Are you targeting for upcoming GATE examination? Then Onlineicegate is the perfect institute for you.  We are here to assure you with complete guidance along with good-quality study materials of all time. If a student gets all the knowledge in terms of books, tricks, test-series, ideas then undoubtedly he/she will bang the exams for sure.

Onlineicegate will give you the complete solution for the students preparing for GATE in no time. We are equipped with top-notch faculties which consist of experienced teachers of B schools and toppers.  We provide –

  •         Study materials both in online and offline form
  •         Video lectures on Electronics Engineering
  •         GATE online practice test for ECE
  •         Graphical illustrations
  •         PPT presentations
  •         Animated clips

Electronics engineering books for gate 2019 will be delivered to your place within 3 to 5 days from the date of booking. Also, we will send the pen drive lectures as well if the students want to go through the lectures of experienced teachers.

  •         Our books consist of 12-14 structured material with assignments and solutions
  •         Chapter wise test
  •         Subject wise test
  •         National level online test as per the current pattern of GATE exams
  •         Post guidance for GATE exams
  •         GD/PI sessions with our experienced teachers

Onlineicegate is a well-known place for all the students and definitely a blessed plus point. Join now and get a chance to be a part of the most interactive classes, lectures, teachers and competitive batch mates as well.


12-14 Well structured study material with solved GATE and assignment questions.

Sectional Test

Chapter wise test, 80 + tests with detailed solution & analysis.

Subject wise Test

Subject wise test, 10+ test detailed solution & analysis.

Full Length Test

12 full syllabus Test set as per previous GATE patterns.

All India Mock Test

8 National Level tough online tests, as per latest GATE pattern.3 Test would be Invigilated & 5 Test Would be Non-Invigilated.

Post GATE Guidance

Guidance on how to make best use of GATE Score for Admissions.

GD/PI sessions

GD /PI sessions by our expert team.
  • 12-14 Well structured study material prepared by our top GATE faculties.
  • Consists of assignment and GATE questions with complete solution.
  • These books are designed in such a way so that it serves as one stop solution for a GATE student.
  • All India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution -equivalent to gate pattern available in Invigilated Test Series.
  • 3 Test would be invigilated – CLASSROOM TEST SERIES (would be held at respective centres with supervision)
  • 5 Test would be non- invigilated ( would be given from home)
  • online practice test – equivalent to gate pattern. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.
  • Test of each subject depending upon the stream. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.

Chapter wise test depending upon the stream. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.

  • The post GATE guidance is quite complicated and without proper guidance, it would become difficult for a student to choose the correct program.
  • Post GATE Guidance helps the student to make the best use of his GATE score for admissions.
  • There would be GD/PI sessions also – Online as well as offline.

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