May 3, 2018
How to prepare for Control System in Gate (IN/EC/EE)?

Control system is Highly Scoring and Important subject for Gate IN, EC and EE students. Each year Around 9 to 12 marks of question are asked from this single subject from that it’s easy to score around 8 to 10 Marks. Control system generally deal with how you[...]

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August 26, 2018
How to score maximum marks in THERMAL for GATE Examinations?

Here, THERMAL= Basics of Thermodynamics+ Power Engineering + Refrigeration & Air conditioning + I.C .Engine Every time in GATE examinations we get 12 to 15 mark (or more than that also) questions from Thermal. So I am listing the important topics of Thermal Basics of Thermodynamics- Thermodynamic work calculation of[...]

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