5 Reasons to Take That Mock Test before GATE-2019

5 Reasons to Take That Mock Test before GATE Exam

5 Reasons to Take That Mock Test before GATE-2019

We understand that you have put all your strength, blood, tears and sweat in GATE preparation. You have sacrificed a lot only to see yourself in the top ranks based on which you can select your favourite college for further studies. However, that is not all. Most of our brights students complain of getting blank even after revising everything before the examination. They are just scared to face the online screen where they have to present their answers.

Even after preparing so hard for the competitive examinations, these students encounter nightmares. All such examinations are not only meant to test their academic knowledge but these tests are designed to test the cognitive ability of the student to analyse the problem in a stressful environment and come up with the correct answer. These tests decide the credibility of a student and a good score keeps them high on the quality border.

GATE Online coaching knows the importance of a good engineer and hence, we have designed these mock tests that will test your ability and prepare you to face the final examination.

Gives you a sense of final examination

Engineers have a phobia to appear for these competitive examinations. While you prepare for GATE, we provide you with comprehensive mock tests that will eventually help you to understand the pattern of the final examination. The mock tests simulate the real GATE papers and they will make you used to them. The more mock tests you appear, the better you would do in the final examination.

Helps you to memorise your lessons

Once the mock tests help you to fight your fears, they help you to memorize your lessons well. These mock tests are designed to cover the complete syllabus and prepares you well for the examination. As per psychology, when you practice something for a long time, you can retain the same in your memory for long. The mock tests ensure a spaced out learning resulting in better retention.

Provides you with a SWOT analysis

For every new project in your life, it is important to analyse your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The mock tests will help you to go through your strengths and weaknesses and further make you understand your potential to do more. You will come to know how can you balance between your favourite subjects and score exceptionally well in them to cover the low marks in the tough subjects. With the help of the mock tests, you get a chance to rectify and improve.

Getting Used to the Online Interface

Till the graduation, the engineers are used to appearing for the written tests. GATE on the hand is an online examination. The mock tests prepare the students to understand the online interface. The students can take good time to understand the tricks to score more and plan his strategy accordingly. The mock tests will help you to answer the following questions:
Will you finish the paper on time?
Do you have enough time for a revision?
How can you overcome the weaknesses?
Hence, to help you with, GATE Online Coaching has come up a comprehensive series of mock tests to prepare you for the GATE exam.

Things to look for in online and offline GATE test series

Having stated the importance of mock tests, it is also important for the GATE aspirant to select the best mock test series. The mock tests that you select should be in lieu with the GATE 2019 syllabus. There are plenty of tests available that are nothing but a waste of time. You should be careful and save yourself from falling into the trap.
The following points you should consider before selecting an online or offline mock test for GATE:

  • The test papers should come from the experienced faculties or industry veterans from the premier institutes of India.
  • The mock tests should cover all three kinds of tests namely, subject wise, topic wise and a full syllabus test.
  • The mock test should be in sync with the current GATE syllabus. The mock test should be designed keeping in mind the past trends of GATE papers.
  • The institute conducting the mock test should be research driven. This will ensure the quality of the questions.

We hope that the above insights will entrust you with some confidence to appear for the mock tests as well as you will now know how to select the best mock test for your GATE preparation.