Formula Books

Preparing for GATE exams means a collection of good reference books, formulas, test series, notes and much more from all the possible sources. It is not an easy task as this collection process eats up a lot of time and hard work as well. Whereas, the same time can be positively utilized for the preparation of exams like learning or clearing the concepts and attempting GATE test series. Many students come to us sharing their problem as to where they can get all the reliable content? Hence, Onlineicegate decided to bring everything in one place and share it with the aspirants of GATE examination. Keeping the need and the importance of these formulas and their scoring potentials, the responsibility of designing the books were taken by teachers themselves. Our teaching faculty is a blend of experienced teachers from B schools and toppers of the same stream as well.

Onlineicegate has taken every minute detail into consideration –

  •         Divided into sections
  •         GATE preparation tips
  •         Contains entire syllabus
  •         Is in the form of a handbook
  •         Every formula is mentioned clearly
  •         No mistakes or typing errors
  •         Easy and quick revisions
  •         No need for making short notes.

Onlineicegate is the best site for GATE preparation as it takes the complete responsibility of the students start from the preparation until the time they get their place in the college.  Now the students who stay in remote locations and are unavailable to attend classroom sessions have this question in their mind as for how to do GATE preparation at home? Especially for them, we will deliver these books to their respective home address within 3-5 days. This will help them to prepare and revise at their home without any fail. They can also opt for a complete set of book and test series and pen drive as well.

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