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There might be a hundred reasons and excuses for not clearing the GATE exam. But clearing the GATE would open up many options in your life. So, take this opportunity of your life very seriously as it may help you to take admission in one of the top IIT’s or getting a well-paid PSU job.

There are students who are last minute masterminds and can grasp the concepts in a very short time. Only learning the concepts is not enough. These concepts should be in practice while solving any question or problems. So, its very important for a student to take up some GATE invigilated test series for instrumentation engineering.

As you are already late with the preparation, it should be very important to get the feeling of real GATE exam in order to remove that anxiety and exam fear. ICE GATE institute introduces invigilated test series which is considered as the best GATE invigilated test series for instrumentation engineering.

For these tests, the student needs to visit one of the nearest institutes for taking up the tests. These tests would give the feel of real GATE 2019 exam and dedicated faculties would be invigilating throughout the tests.

The test would be of difficult level as per the latest GATE 2018 exams and student needs to apply the concepts and solve the problems. After completion of the tests, the detailed solution would be provided so that students can analyze themselves and increase speed using the shortcut tricks provided in the solution.

It is very difficult for a student to sit at a single place and complete the test without time pauses and reference, thus making self-evaluation a bit difficult task. In order to allow in-depth assessment of the student’s capabilities and learning ICE GATE has introduced INVIGILATED TEST SERIES that will allow complete evaluation and give solutions that are similar to GATE pattern. In this test series test would be given by the students from the centers under the eyes of evaluates who will give you the outlook of the real-time GATE exams and make it so authentic that you come across the pressure that you may face with the handling of the same.

Not only this, the institute as also introduced GATE TEST SERIES ONLINE FOR FREE to allow each student to access through the test and make themselves ready for one of the hardest exams. They are taught how to make the brain work faster and get the solutions using tricks. As these exam papers are designed by highly qualified individuals their importance increases even more as they are of high quality and are prepared considering the live GATE exams. Clearing GATE with ICE GATE is as simple as breaking the ice with the hammer so take a chance and make the future bright.

Full Length Test

12 full syllabus Test set as per previous GATE patterns.

Sectional Test

Chapter wise test, 80 + tests with detailed solution & analysis.

Subject wise Test

Subject wise test, 10+ test detailed solution & analysis.

All India Mock Test

8 National Level tough online tests, as per latest GATE pattern.3 Test would be Invigilated & 5 Test Would be Non-Invigilated.

Post GATE Guidance

Guidance on how to make best use of GATE Score for Admissions.

GD/PI sessions

GD /PI sessions by our expert team.
  • All India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution -equivalent to gate pattern available in Invigilated Test Series.
  • 3 Test would be invigilated – CLASSROOM TEST SERIES (would be held at respective centres with supervision)
  • 5 Test would be non- invigilated ( would be given from home)
  • online practice test – equivalent to gate pattern. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.
  • Test of each subject depending upon the stream. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.

Chapter wise test depending upon the stream. Get all India ranking and in-depth analysis with detailed solution.

  • The post GATE guidance is quite complicated and without proper guidance, it would become difficult for a student to choose the correct program.
  • Post GATE Guidance helps the student to make the best use of his GATE score for admissions.
  • There would be GD/PI sessions also – Online as well as offline.

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Target Year

GATE-2018, GATE-2019, GATE-2020