Gate Correspondence Program - advanced

GATE Correspondence Courses/Program – Advanced - Rs.9800

The GATE CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAM - ADVANCED has been introduced by ICE GATE to make GATE preparation a complete learning experience. This program covers lectures, Test series, books & GD/PI for purpose of reference and education, all supported by experienced faculties who have completed their education from IIT's and IISc and are having complete knowledge to guide the students to achieve great score in GATE.

These GATE CORRESPONDENCE COURSES are made to help the students for preparing for GATE exam in small amount of time. This course have well organized lectures that also include mock test series and Books with the motive of increasing learning skills and potential of the students and thus making them even more reasonable, attentive and observing. This course is based on the idea of E-Learning and also present PPT Presentations, animated clips in regards to experiments and illustrations to make the session more accessible by the students. These classes are best for the students who opt for part time education with their job.


12-14 Well structured study material with solved GATE and assignment questions.

Subject wise Test

Subject wise test, 10+ test detailed solution & analysis.

Post GATE Guidance

Guidance on how to make  best use of GATE Score for Admissions.

Online Lectures

More than 250 hrs of lectures recorded by top GATE Faculties.

Full Length Test

12 full syllabus Test set as per previous GATE patterns.

GD/PI sessions

GD /PI sessions  by our expert team.

Sectional test

Chapter wise test, 80 + tests with detailed solution & analysis.

All India Mock Test

8 National Level tough online tests, as per latest GATE pattern is available in online preparation gate.

Price: INR 9800/-

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Course Features Explained

  • 12-14 Well structured study material prepared by our top GATE faculties.
  • Consists of assignment and GATE questions with complete solution.
  • These books are designed in such a way so that it serves as one stop solution for a GATE student.
  • 130+ quality tests are provided.
  • Our test series is designed by experts of IIT and IISc who have years of experience of accurately predicting pattern and questions of GATE.
  • The objective of our test series is to help students to develop relevant skills that are needed to crack GATE exams.
  • It helps students in mastering the art of time management by improving their question solving speed through time bound practice with accuracy.
  • The multi-conceptual, numerical and tricky questions with systematic assessment gives student a fair idea of their strength and the areas in which they need to work upon.
  • Our Test series accurately replicates the GATE online interface and pattern.

ONLINE VIDEOS of each and every subject of more than 250 hours recorded and delivered by experienced GATE faculties.

Designed for Students who want to do their preparation sitting at home.  The online videos shares complete Syllabus  with special focus on fundamentals, shortcut tricks and easier method to solve GATE questions.

These videos can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

  • The post GATE  guidance is quite complicated and without proper guidance, it would become difficult for a student to choose the correct program.
  • Post GATE Guidance helps the student to make best use of his GATE score for admissions.
  • There would be GD/PI sessions also - Online as well as offline.
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